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Defense & Aerospace

Having a dedicated BU for Military applications, Ausonia offers its Clients a strong capability to develop and coordinate very complex projects in which the power continuity is an essential requirement.

Thanks to the adherence to Military Standards and the matured experience in the sector, Ausonia has been listed as supplier within the main European programs for Military Defense, with the task of delivering products duly designed, equipped and tested as per their very particular requirements, such as:

  • Operation under extreme conditions:
    Military Generators have to run under the most extreme conditions, which include heat, bashing, kicking, thrusting, cabin pressure, nuclear electromagnetic pulse, and, most important, they also have to withstand whatever conditions might develop in the area, in order to make soldiers feel extremely safe in knowing that their operations will be continuously provided with a steady stream of power in a safe and seamless manner.
  • Fast deployment and portability:
    Military generators are made to be portable or mobile on trailers, as military units are constantly on the move, and there can be no delay in cranking up a generator for being ready to use, as any second is extremely important for the health and safety of the soldiers in operations.
  • Ease of Use:
    In the military, there is no time to waste. Any delay in setting up equipment can literally be lethal. Given this harsh reality, soldiers need equipment that will keep their power on without exposing themselves to unnecessary danger. Military generators are designed to be used without any complicated setup issues, which is an advantage to our customers around the world.

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