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Gensets for Telecom

The company has successfully used this expertise and experience to develop a wide range of different solutions specifically designed for the telecom market.
In order to meet and satisfy the specific needs of the telecommunication industry, Ausonia research and development activity has been successfully oriented to reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs, to extend the Product’s Life Cycle, to increase its reliability and to achieve significant environmental benefits.

Data Center / MSC

A wide range of solutions developed for Data centers (HLR) and Mobile switching center (MSC) going from 150 kVA up to 3000 kVA for each unit. To get the best reliability, paralleling configuration is often used. Many sites adopt CCHP solutions (Combined Cooling Heat and Power), in order to have the best trade-off in terms of efficiency, environment and costs.

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The Gensets for off-grid BTS designed by Ausonia, in a range from 6 kVA up to 30kVA, became the winning standard for all the Italian Telcos and are used in the 80% of off-grid sites. Specifically designed to have high reliability, long refueling intervals, complete remote monitoring and alarms the Ausonia BTS solutions guarantee the lowest TCO.

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Disaster Recovery

Telcos’ activities ask for energy recovery solutions in case of black-out. In many situations the Ausonia mobile power units are the fastest dependable answer, flexible to place and relocate. Covering a range from 20 kVA up to 800 kVA, these units offer an effective, reliable and energy efficient platform to power mission critical applications anywhere in the world.

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ModelPower PRP (kVA)Power PRP (kW)Power LTP (kVA)Power LTP (kW)Engine BrandEngine TypeAlternator
ModelPower PRP (kVA)Power PRP (kW)Power LTP (kVA)Power LTP (kW)Engine BrandEngine TypeAlternator

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