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Asian Telecom Operators impressed by AUSONIA High Efficiency Solutions!

"It was the first time for AUSONIA at the CommunicAsia Exhibition in Singapore and we are sure we'll be back again here in 2014, as the extremely high interest showed by our existing customers and all the new visitors towards our High Efficiency Solutions deeply met our expectations" said the company CEO, Eng. Massimo Ombra. "Asian Operators got impressed upon discovering that with our technology, specifically developed for powering off-grid BTS sites, they can significantly reduce their fuel consumption without any need to work in cycling mode with batteries. We are the only one in the market capable of offering this kind of technology and, on top of this, we are the sole Group which can use this technology to offer a full OPEX business model to worldwide Operators, allowing them to have clear and fixed costs for their budget and to eliminate any concerns relevant to their BTS power supply, which will be under our total responsibility".

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