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Also this year, AfricaCom represented for Ausonia a very good venue to meet its African customers and exploit new business opportunities all over the continent. During the three days exhibition, Clients from all the sub-Saharan countries visited Ausonia stand, getting impressed about the figures provided by its High Efficiency DC Gensets (0,4 l/kWh) and their total independency from running in cycling operation with batteries in achieving such efficiency, which is today the highest available in the market. On top of this, Ausonia also clearly showed its strong commitment in getting closer to its Customers by launching the NewCo Medipower South Africa, through which both Operators and Tower Companies could enjoy not only the benefits of the Ausonia High Efficiency Solutions, but also the huge advantages given by the Services and Business Model options offered to its Clients (Full Opex, Full Service, Assets buyback, Rental, etc.). The Ausonia experience migrates to Africa with a GLOCAL approach, getting really closer to its Customers.

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