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Significant results achieved by Ausonia at MWC 2014 in Barcelona!

This year the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona clearly assigned the technological leadership in the BTS power supply business to AUSONIA, thanks to its unique High Efficiency Technology which doesn’t need to cycle with batteries to get a specific fuel consumption of only 0,4 lt/kWh. This patent pending technology left all the market players totally astonished, as they were excited to know that thanks to AUSONIA it is now possible to achieve a mechanical efficiency, kept constant over the entire product lifetime and not undergoing any performance de-rating during the period (as it typically occurs in the battery cycling solutions after only 6-12 months of continuous operation on site). Additionally, the complete range of energy services, glocally offered on top of its High Efficiency products, strongly launched AUSONIA towards being recognized as a flexible and reliable Partner by all Telecom market players operating on a global scale.

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