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Our history


One of the first activities of "Officine di Salvatore Ombra" was the production of plants for Wine Industry and ancillary activities. The figure shows a distillation plant for essential oils extraction from orange peels. It was the first plant of such type in Sicily.


Already in 1932, in consideration of low public electrification, several Wine Production Companies needed to procure themselves electric generation modules for energy production, equipped with low speed diesel or gas engines. At that time Salvatore Ombra evaluated it as an important business and started to produce and install electric generators.


One of the most important tools for Wine Industries were the electro-pumps, both piston or centrifuge type, to pour off wines. A wide range of types and powers were included in the standard production.


In 1968 the gensets started to gain a substantial diffusion and Ausonia produce the first 1500 rpm genset with co-axial coupling.


The constantly positive growing trend of Ausonia required the building of new and updated factory facilities, placed in the Industrial Area of Marsala, with a total area of 32.000 mq.


Ausonia creates Medipower, the service company of the Group, specifically focused on the management and coordination of all the service activities linked to the production of energy through generator sets.


Ausonia enters into the “renewable energy sources” scenario building up a 360 kW photovoltaic power plant (providing energy for Ausonia factory) and starting the production of generator sets powered by vegetable oils engines.


Ausonia launches the HIM – Hybrid Integrated Module, specifically designed for powering the off-grid BTS network.


Ausonia completes the family of its High Efficiency Solutions for the off-grid BTS power supply by launching two new products: HER - High Efficiency Revolution -  and THEM - Twin High Efficiency Module.

Ausonia presents the integration of the HIM - Hybrid Integrated Module - with Grid connection and PV modules.

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