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In an area covering 32000 sqm, more than 14000 sqm of which are built-up, the Ausonia plants are recognized for their high degree of specialization and are outfitted with certified equipment and precision instruments. To guarantee that the company’s processes are subjected to on-going improvement, Ausonia implements a certified Management System for Quality and the Environment that complies with the following rules:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • UNI EN ISO 14001


All containers, canopies, electric cabinets carpentries and genset skid-base are produced into Ausonia factory with the support of advanced numeric controlled technologies. Assembling of gensets and all ancillary equipment is performed into Ausonia factory by qualified technical personnel.

Electric cabinets

All electric cabinets produced by Ausonia are CAD designed according to the client's technical requirements. Such activity terms into issue of structural and electric schemes and into dimensioning / choice of components with reference to the best brands available. Assembling and cabling of the electric cabinets is performed by qualified personnel, accordingly with current safety regulations.

Electronic boards

Genset control systems are designed and constructed into Ausonia laboratories, in order to maximize reliability and adaptability to Client's operational requirements. The current range of electronic control systems includes:

  • Manual Power System Controller (PSC-M);
  • Automatic Power System Controller (PSC-1);
  • Synch Power System Controller (PSC-3);
  • Customized Power System Controller.

Painting plants

Finishing / painting plants are equipped with:

  • Automated sand-blasting machine;
  • Immersion bath for primer application;
  • Powder finishing cabin equipped with relative drying cabin;
  • Air-less painting cabin equipped with relative drying cabin.

Testing facilities

All gensets produced by Ausonia are singly tested in order to confirm design performances. Such activity is performed by the testing laboratory which allows testing of several gensets/cabinets at the same time.

The laboratory includes:

  • Indoor testing area equipped with collection and disposal of exhaust gas;
  • Sound-proof acquisition room for test data recording;
  • Variable loads, both inductive and capacitive, for load tests.

All necessary test reports, including procedures and data records, are issued at the end of testing activities.

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