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Target Markets

One of the key points of Ausonia success consists on the ability to establish solid collaboration relationships with Clients.


The most important Mobile Telecom Operators have chosen Ausonia as main partner for their business development and now we are able to offer them HIM – Hibrid Integrated Module, based on a new hybrid technology which allows to significantly reduce Opex and Capex

Oil & Gas

Hundreds of deployments in oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, energy production and distribution plants throughout the worldwide territory, by keeping an high technological level of the solutions installed in each site.


Several installations at the main italian airports for which it has been decided to safely rely on efficiency and reliability, as well as inthe main italian seaports and intermodal logistic terminals.


A wide utilization in several industrial sectors for wich the constant presence of electricity is a must for the successful operation of the business, especially in the areas qwher the national grid in unstable and not continuously guaranteed.


A strong capability to develop and coordinate very complex projects allows to be listed ad supplier within the main European programs for Military Defense with the task of delivering products duly equipped and tested as per the requests provided.

Special Solutions

The long lasting experience and well recognized skills have allowed to form a professional staff representing the main resource and the strength point on which is based the realization of bespoke solutions to meet every customer’s needs.

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