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THEM – Twin High Efficiency Module

THEM consists of two variable speed DC generators, working in dual mode and automatically switching in parallel mode, when necessary, depending on the instantaneous BTS load demand. With the capability to reach a fuel consumption rate of only 0,4 lt/kWh, the module takes the most achievable benefits from the use of variable speed DC generators without the necessity of battery packs.

  • Highest realibility
  • 100% battery free
  • Extreme environment applications
  • Higher power capabilities
  • Extended maintenance periods

Thanks to its two DC generators running in dual mode (12 hrs + 12 hrs) and automatically switching in parallel mode, when necessary, depending on the instantaneous BTS load demand,  THEM is the only product offering the highest level of reliability in the market, as the whole system is based on a fully redunant concept, allowing the longest back up autonomy in case of failure.

Fuel consumption

Due to the high efficiency given by its Nos. 2 x variable speed DC generators, the system is able to achieve great savings in terms of fuel consumption. For a BTS site having 4 kW as average load, the fuel consumption is below 38 liters/day,  representing a saving up to 35% when compared to a conventional AC generator.


Thanks to the significant reduction in terms of fuel consumption and to the big capacity of the fuel tank provided with the unit, the system allows to achieve a 39 days autonomy in case of BTS having 4 KW as average load, meaning a saving of more than 30% in the number of refueling trips to site compared to a standard AC generator.

Extreme Environment

Being highly efficient with a total freedom from batteries, THEM is able to operate under extreme operating conditions (hot and cold climate), avoiding all the typical costs and high/low temperature issues normally associated to energy storage systems.


The system has been developed to increase the maintenance interval for each engine up to 1000 running hours. The presence of two engines working in dual mode operation allows to schedule the maintenance interventions every 2000 running hours for the whole system and this means one activity every 83 days, with a 87% saving in terms of number of trips to site for maintenance.


The great savings in terms of OPEX allow to get a very short payback even for this latest high level of technology, which in most of the cases is expected to be within 18 months from commissioning.


The daily Total Costs of Ownership of the THEM module can allow a reduction from 25% to 30% if compared to a conventional AC generator,  independently from the loads on site.

Unnecessary Hardware

Being a Plug&Play solution providing power both in DC and AC, additional savings can be achieved thought the elimination of  AC/DC rectifiers on site. Moreover, since even at the hottest climate condition the system can work without any derating, further savings can be achieved by the elimination/reduction of the A/C systems installed on site, with following improvements in total power and fuel consumption for that site. if necessary, a small battery back could be added to site and be used just in case of temporary back up.

Anti-theft protections

Due to the experience acquired on the field by the producer, the unit has been equipped with high technological devices to obstacle any possibility for fuel stealing and to duly inform the relevant NOC for any attempt done on the unit with such an aim.

Remote Control

Being developed for powering off grid sites, which are often located in remote areas difficult to be reached, the Module can be monitored and controlled from a remote station via GSM/GPRS/IP connection. All the alarms and events report are also accesible by remote and this allows an easy scheduling of all the operational activities.

Noise Level

In urban areas the noise level regulation might be very strict and Operators can be complaint by installing HIM on such specific sites. In fact, the soundproofed canopy of the HER guarantees a max noise level up to 60 db(A) at 7m.

Environmental care

The variable speed technology of its engine allow the THEM unit to reduce the carbon footprint up to 50%. Additionally, its capability of being efficient without the need of working in cycling mode with batteries and its 100% double wall fuel tank, prevent from the risk of environmental pollution, reaching the top level in the environmental sustainability approach for the category of the 24 hours running generators.

Optimized configuration

The Module has been designed for hot swap on site and for being highly scalable according to Client changing requirement. Its reduced footprint, light weight and low noise level allow installation also on rooftop sites, where others cannot. Additionally, its modular structure along with its overall dimension allow easy handling and best fitting for FCL shipment.



Optimized for BTS up to  16 KW (Average load)
DC Generator type Variable Speed
DC Generator Max. Output Nos. 2 x 8 KW
DC Output Voltage 48 V
DC Optional Output 24 V
AC Optional Output 230V (50 Hz) / 120V (60 Hz)
Efficiency Rate 0,5-0,6 Lt/kWh > 2 kW on site > 0,4 Lt/kWH
Fuel Tank Capacity 1500 Lt
Fuel Tank structure Double wall
Integrated Microprocessor Logic Nos. 2 Control cabinets, totally redundant
Communication Interface RS 232, GSM/GPRS modem
Optional communication interface RS 485 / IP
Remote Management Utility Software / Web 
Alarms sending SMS / Web
Operating Temperature -20°C / +50°C
Plug & Play Installation time < 3 hours
Noise level  60 db(A) at 7m
Overall dimensions 2200 x 1100 x 2200 (mm)
Weight 1600 kg
Storage Qty in 20'' Container 5 units
Storage Qty in 40'' Container 10 units
Special Attributes
500 hours Mainenance Interval Standard
1000 hours Mainenance Interval Optional
Fuel Level detection (%) Standard
Fuel Level detection (Lt) Standard
Fuel Level fast variation alarm Standard
Unauthorized Doors Opening Alarm Standard
Water in Fuel sensor Optional
Double wall Fuel Tank with Anti-theft device  Standard
Automatic Notice for Refueling Optional
Automatic Notice for Maintenance Optional
Alarms and Events - Hystorical Data Report Standard
Remote Configuration & Operation Standard
Load disconnection from remote Standard
GPS Position Monitoring Optional
Site Case

BTS Average Load: 4 kW

Maintenance Interval: 1000 hours

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
Engine running hours / Day 12 hrs + 12 hrs
Fuel Consumption / Day 38,4 Lt
Fuel Efficiency  0,4 Lt/kWh
Autonomy from refueling 39 days
Autonomy from maintenance 83 days
First Overhaul at 4 years
Product Expected Life Time 12 years
Savings Vs. AC Generator
Fuel consumption 31%
Trip to site for maintenance 87%
Trip to site for refueling 32%

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